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America is truly a veritable melting pot of different ideals, backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles. There are literally hundreds of different things that distinguish America from other countries all over the globe. Whether it’s our native species of animals found within the many forests located all around the country, or good old fashioned traditions such as sports, America truly has special individual qualities. There is a definite difference between American culture and that of other nations. Our movies, food, and way of life are definitely distinctive. In addition, this special spark that we all share as Americans is something to truly be proud of. From the quality of our manufacturing to the quality of our schools, this country offers many opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else. We are all able to speak our minds and express our innermost feelings, and can listen to or watch whatever we choose. This type of freedom should never be taken for granted.

American culture is treasured and often emulated in many other parts of the world. Other nations tend to want to adopt our Western culture. In fact, in recent decades, American facets such as Walt Disney World and McDonald’s have spread their business ventures into other countries and have become quite popular within places such as Europe and Japan. With that said, it is still important for us to remember our roots and ancestors who arrived here many years ago. We should never forget where our families came from, and that many of us who live here in the United States have relatives who once made their way here from other countries. This is what makes America so special today: we have melded together the fabric of society to create a powerful, unique country that is truly unmatched anywhere else in the entire world.

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