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The American Automobile Association or AAA as most Americans call it today, has been a leader for people who travel the highways on vacations every year. The American Automobile Association was formed in 1902 for the advancement of motoring. The American Automobile Association has been on the road ever since helping Americans find the quickest way to their destinations.

Basically what AAA does today is sell memberships in which many services are given to people who have memberships. Having a membership is well worth it as the roadside assistance can be a lifesaver for you.

After all these years the American Automobile Association has grown into a huge company that does more than hand out maps and directions anymore. It use to be if you wanted to find the quickest way to get somewhere you headed to AAA. Now with the Internet and superhighways the American Automobile Association has expanded into other businesses to help their country grow. Don't get me wrong their core business is still maps and directions.

In today's world the American Automobile Association now works with many different countries to bring it's members the best deals on a variety of items. From Amusement park tickets to insurance quotes and discounts on a wide variety of items the American Automobile Association continues to grow and will so.

The American Automobile Association also funds many worthwhile programs such as driver improvement programs, school safety programs for kids to learn about safety. The American Automobile Association also gives out grants, and scholarships and many awards throughout the year. Traffic programs and trip pass that shows the easiest way to your destination are popular with members too. As you can see the American Automobile Association has branched off to be more than a map company, as it was first known as.

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