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The American Dental Association can trace its roots all the way back to 1859 where it started teaching people about dental health. The American Dental Association has over 150,000 members throughout the world helping the world with better dental hygiene.

The mission statement of the American Dental Association is to promote, educate and research for better oral health throughout the world. People sometimes take their oral health for granted and the American Dental Association steps in with good quality programs to help kids and adults alike make their oral health a top priority.

What does the American Dental Association seal really mean? Many times when you purchase a toothbrush or toothpaste you will see the American Dental Association on it.
The seal is meant to give consumers an added advantage as a product that has went through and got the seal has been tested and approved. This program is voluntary and no company has to go through it. It's a good idea for a company to go through the program as it helps their company's image.

American Dental Association also helps their members through advocacy and helping members with problems that may arise through their dental issues. Oral protection is another area that the American Dental Association has been working on. Protecting people's oral health is their number one priority.

The American Dental Association for many years have been an advocate for dental hygiene and have been and active participant in the school systems throughout the United States. By teaching proper dental hygiene the American Dental Association has placed itself as the foremost authority on dental health. But, it really doesn't stop there; the American Dental Association has plenty of articles and information on dental health on their Website. If you need any information be sure to check out the American Dental Association.

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