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The American Diabetes Association is the largest health organization in America for the study and treatment of the disease diabetes. Founded in 1940 the American Diabetes Association has been providing a helping hand to countless people for the past 65 years. The American Diabetes Association continues to strive for better education and treatment for diabetes through their organization.

What is Diabetes? What is its cure? These are a couple of very good questions, which we will try and answer for you today. Diabetes is where the body doesn't produce enough insulin or properly use insulin. Insulin is a hormone that coverts sugars and starches into energy that feeds our bodies. Without it we lose desire and the ability to function like we normally would.

Their is no known cure for diabetes but a lot of times it can be traced back to genetics and your environmental factors such as being overweight or lack of exercise. All these play a factor into diabetes. The American Diabetes Association estimates over 18 million Americans have diabetes and another 5 million don't even realize they have it. The symptoms are sometimes hard to detect unless you’re tested. So many times diabetes goes undetected

Four types of diabetes exist, and they are Type 1, Type 2, Gestational, and Pre diabetes. The most common of the four is Type 2 this is where insulin is produced but the body doesn’t use it properly, this type is the most common among Americans. Type 1 diabetes is the body failing to produce insulin; around 10% of Americans have this type. Gestational diabetes affects pregnant women and pre diabetes is just what is says. The levels of blood glucose are high than normal.
Most people don't realize with proper diet and nutrition and exercise diabetes can be control. It just takes time and the willingness to make the effort to better health and the American Diabetes Association is always here to help anyone with any questions they may have.

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