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If there is one sport that has seen growth beyond its expectations it's American football. American football has always been popular but in recent years it really has taken off. People sit in front of their televisions rooting for their favorite teams like it's a rite of passage and to some it is.

American football is more than just a sport today; people now tailgate at games spending time with friends and colleagues waiting for the game to start. American football is also known as the NFL, which is the governing body of football. The NFL enforces the rules of American football, and if they’re our any problems they take care of it. Over the years the NFL has added teams as they continue grow as an organization.

Today's makeup of American football fans have changed a lot, it uses to be all male fans in the stadiums and watching at home. The landscape has definitely changed as more and more women are attending games and watching at home for their favorite teams. Women are also a demographic that sponsors seek out when they advertise on the commercial breaks during football games.

American football is played on a field 100 yards long and 50 yards wide between two teams. The team who scores the most points in four fifteen-minute quarters wins the game. The premise of American football makes it an enjoyable sport to watch. American football recently has been shipped to foreign lands with a European football league. Even Japan is catching American football fever. Only time will tell who is next to catch the fever of American football and how far reaching it will go. Leagues could almost pop up anywhere and American football could become other countries pastime.

American football will always be a favorite in America and now it looks like it will be global for a long while.

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