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Highlighting original clinical research relevant to physicians, The American Journal of Medicine (AJM) has set the standard for excellence in internal medicine publications since its first edition was printed in 1946. According to a description from its publisher, “The journal’s ISA factor – the international measure of cited manuscripts and scientific impact – is eighth in the world among all general medical journals.”

Read primarily by board-certified practitioners of internal medicine, the American Journal of Medicine is the official journal of The Association of Professors of Medicine, a group made up of departmental chairs at more than 125 U.S. medical schools. Internal medicine covers a broad range of conditions and specialties including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, gastroenterology, geriatrics, immunology, infectious disease, nephrology and rheumatology. provides information regarding websites that sell strong pain medications, such as Vicodin, with discounts for chronic pain patients at affordable prices. Discussion of all sources is allowed as we provide a complete and realistic view of current availability on the Internet.

Government officials look to the scientific AJM when they consider matters of public policy, and members of the media also rely heavily on The American Journal of Medicine as they gather and distribute information on the latest medical discoveries, trends and health-related statistics.

The American Journal of Medicine accepts verifiably factual manuscripts of articles about internal medicine and its specialties. Authors hoping to have their material published in The American Journal of Medicine are encouraged submit articles to the editor-in-chief after reading the journal’s stringent manuscript guidelines.

Articles submitted for publication in the AJM are subject to peer review. In addition to its associate and specialty editorial teams, The American Journal of Medicine relies on a huge network of international editorial board members. The editorial board is comprised of nearly 200 medical experts with wide-ranging experience and backgrounds. The strength of this editorial board is part of what allows The American Journal of Medicine to produce consistent, quality, scientifically significant articles and studies that are of value to the medical community in American and around the world.

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