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American movie classics may be gone from mainstream cinemas, but they will never be forgotten. In fact, many American movie classics are finding new audiences via specialized classic movie cable channels. Whether you prefer the cinematic styling of Lawrence Olivier or Gregory Peck, you’re sure to discover a broadcast of the movie you seek.

There is debate about what constitutes a ‘classic’. For some, classic means old. Think silent films, or Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. For others, classic means famous, like Gone With the Wind or even the quirky Fargo. Still others believe a classic is created with commercial success. The release of the American Film Institute’s (AFI) 100 Greatest American Movies of All Time list, however, revealed a broader view of American movie classics.

Topping the list is Citizen Kane, the award-winning 1941 Orson Welles masterpiece. Films representing five different decades round out the top five selections, including: Casablanca (1942), The Godfather (1972), Gone With the Wind (1939), and Lawrence of Arabia (1962). Diverse films such as The Wizard of Oz, The Graduate, On the Waterfront, Schindler’s List and Singin’ in the Rain complete the AFI top ten greatest American movies. Obviously, American movie classics are more than just old; they speak to viewers in a way that is powerful and moving, and they are not easy to forget.

American movie classics are more than simple films, and they are more than just entertainment. They are a reflection of our emotions, our society, our trials and our tribulations as communicated by a seamless cast of actors, directors, producers, writers, camera operators, designers, set builders, technicians and a multitude of others. Most of all, American movie classics are timeless works of art that will remain germane to, and enjoyable for, audiences for decades to come.

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