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American Quarter Horse

The first breed of horses native to the United States, the American Quarter Horse plays a huge role in farming, sport and entertainment.

Known for their power, speed and versatility, American Quarter Horses are ideal for working on a ranch, racing, taking part in a rodeo, or for completing a galloping horse scene in a western movie. The American Quarter Horse is also known for its calm demeanor, which makes it the perfect choice for recreational horseback riding.

The American Quarter Horse breed was the result of mixing the bloodlines of several different horses that had been settled in the United States along with their masters. Despite a dubious beginning, the American Quarter Horse breed is now considered one of the best breeds of horses. Strict guidelines exist to ensure only horses that match up to the American Quarter Horse’s reputation and characteristics can officially carry the name. For example, an American Quarter Horses is not allowed to have excessive white markings on its face or below its knees, and no white marks anywhere else on its body. An officially recognized American Quarter Horse will also be one of 13 ‘acceptable’ colors. American Quarter Horses are also identifiable by their impressive muscle formation, explosive speed, versatility, developed cow sense and gentle nature. Bloodlines are carefully monitored and recorded to preserve the characteristics of a true American Quarter Horse.

With such an impressive collection of attributes, it’s not surprising the American Quarter Horse is such a well-loved and sought-after animal. American Quarter Horse enthusiasts actively follow the best breeders and monitor the development of their new foals. There are a number of national and state organizations dedicated to quarter horses, and even an American Quarter Horse museum where dedicated fans of the American Quarter Horse can learn more about this amazing animal and the role it plays in the country for which it is named.

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