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American racing has found itself as one of America’s favorite pastime. Many people today find racing one of the few remaining sports that they can call their own that big business doesn't totally control. They feel like American racing is a part of them. Anyone can be a racer as all you need is a car and some desire to succeed.

I today’s' world American racing has taken on many different forms, from lawn mower racing to motorcycles and everything in between. American racing has seen massive growth in the past few years as television shows more racing and the corporate world seems how much profit American racing can bring them in. It's a winning situation for most businesses.

A lot of people haven't realized that American racing is slowly passing every major sport. With the entire racing associations that are appearing some of the more popular are NASCAR, CART, and the IRL. These associations monitor races and are the ones who set the rules that the drivers must follow and obey. American racing has crossed many ethic boundaries as the sport continues to grow and more and more fans see or attend racing venues.

One reason businesses love American racing is the word you can buy and that's loyalty. Racing enthusiasts are very loyal to their drivers and sponsors, which in turn affects the company’s bottom line. The more brand support a company can get the better they will do in the global marketplace.

American racing is the fastest growing spectator sport in America and it doesn't look like it will slow down anytime soon. As more tracks are built and more people can see a race all this sport can do is get bigger. American racing future really has no limits they are only limited by how far they want to see their sport grow.

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