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Statistics say that one fourth of all Americans now live alone. They may be divorcees, never married, single moms, or single dads. Those types of numbers make a big influence on our culture and on our economics. Statistics also tell us in 1946; only six percent of Americans were single.

Single Americans are making a notable impact on what we read, what we see on TV, and how businesses are advertising. A new genre of books is doing a booming business. “Chick Lit” or “Hen Lit” specifically target women from young singles to women in there 50’s. This genre of books is enjoying a huge surge in business.

Hollywood and television are making more and more movies and TV shows that deal with being single. Shows such as Sex in the City, Friends, and Joey all have main characters that are single. Hollywood has made movies such as Bridgett Jones Diary, Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood and Legally Blonde. They all are geared toward the single women audience.

Health and Fitness clubs are directing more and more of their ads toward single people. Travel agencies and tour groups are appealing to the singles crowd by organizing tours and cruises specifically for singles.

Museums are arranging single events to those who want to meet singles in a more up-scale place than bars and clubs.

Restaurants are seating singles in the center of the dining room instead of delegating them to the back of the room or an obscure corner. Communal tables are also being set up so singles can have pleasant conversations with other singles.

There’s no longer a stigma attached to single men and women dining, traveling or attending events alone.

Organized religion is recognizing a need to minister to single adults. Some churches have special classes for young singles, divorcees, and other singles. Special services and activities are geared to the singles of the congregation, not just for families.

Grocery shopping can be a trial for a single person. Meat is usually packaged for more than one person. Often it just isn’t feasible for a single person to buy sizes that are marketed for families or more than one person. Changes are now being made. Eggs can now be bought by the half dozen, premade salads in a single serving package, and bread can now be found in half loaves.

This article doesn’t even begin to touch the on-line dating services and matchmaking sites on the Internet. They are too many to mention, but they are enjoying increasing popularity and their sites are growing daily. Some singles are looking for a lifetime mate; other may be looking for companionship and friendship.

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