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To the uninitiated birdwatcher, North American birds may lack the lustre and fanfare of their tropical cousins. For those who are more experienced, however, North American birds offer plenty of pizzazz. The trick is in knowing what to look for and where to find it.

With its varied vegetation and wide climate spectrum, North America is home to nearly a thousand different bird species. From the American White Pelican, with its peculiar pouched bill, to the distinctive silhouette of the Greater Flamingo, or to the brilliant plumage of the Scarlet Tanager, North American birds display unique characteristics, vivid colors, and interesting sounds.

The key to finding the North American birds you enjoy is to do a little research. There are times when a particular bird will leave its usual habitat, but you will have a much better chance of spotting the bird you seek if you go to where they are known to nest and feed. Many North American birds have a broad habitat area spanning a large geographical distance, but others, such as the Nene, are endangered and can be found only in small pockets of the continent. The season you visit these areas can also affect the variety of birdlife you encounter.

Take advantage of the many online and print resources to find out more about North American birds. Dedicated birders have amassed an impressive amount of information regarding the habitat, living requirements, coloration, migration patterns and mating habits of the different species of North American birds. Birdwatching and bird conservation societies also abound, and are a great source of information about observing North American birds. As an interesting side note, many of these societies incorporate ‘Audubon’ into their name, in tribute to famed artist and ornithologist John James Audubon. John James Audubon was well known for his exquisite drawings and paintings of North American birds.

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